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The first of 5 episodes of Life is Strange 2 is out now

Life is Strange 2, the next entry in the critically-acclaimed and award-winning franchise from DONTNOD Entertainment, is out now. Discover...
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Don’t forget The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is out and 100% free to download for PS4

Have you ever dreamt of being a superhero? Meet Chris, a creative and imaginative 10 year old boy who escapes reality with fantastical adventures...
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Vampyr – Review (PS4)

We’re very used to games that give us choices, games that let us decide someone’s fate and games that allow us to shape our own experiences. Whet...
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Vampyr’s soundtrack available on limited edition vinyl, exclusive to pre-orders

Vampyr, DONTNOD Entertainment’s upcoming action-RPG, releases June 5 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. If you pre-order now at selected retailers, you'll ...
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Vampyr – A darkly atmospheric Action-RPG from the studio behind Life is Strange

Prowl the disease ridden streets in Vampyr – a darkly atmospheric Action-RPG from the studio behind ‘Remember Me’ and ‘Life is Strange’. Set ...
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