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Hand-drawn deck-building survival adventure Frost announced for PS4 & Nintendo Switch

There’s a storm brewing! Indie publisher Digerati announce that Frost, a unique deck-building survival adventure, will be blowing its way to PS4 ...
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Blacksea Odyssey, a brutal top-down shoot ’em up coming soon to PS4

Ahoy, space-huntsmen! Indie publisher Digerati has announce that Blacksea Odyssey, a savage, top-down rogue-lite space shoot ‘em up RPG brimming ...
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Paranautical Activity arrives today on Switch

Get ready to circle-strafe like it’s 1996! Indie publisher Digerati and developer Code Avarice are pleased to announce that Paranautical Activity...
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Multicolored splatformer INK splashes onto Nintendo Switch tomorrow

INKredible news everyone! The hyper-colorful 2D platformer INK, from indie publisher Digerati and developers Zack Bell Games and Kittehface Softw...
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Unexplored: Unlocked Edition coming to Nintendo Switch this Spring

Unexplored, one of last year's most acclaimed roguelites, is coming to Nintendo Switch. The dungeon crawler has impressed players and critics ali...
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Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition hits Nintendo Switch today

Since making its debut in 2014, Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition has been released to critical acclaim across multiple platforms. Highly prai...
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Dive into a stunning abstract world of Spectrum coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Digerati and 3D Avenue reveal that stylish platformer Spectrum is making its way to consoles. The game will launch sometime during the spring for...
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Don’t Die, Mr Robot DX – Review (Nintendo Switch)

I’m a terrible person. I keep letting Mr Robot die. It’s been going on for years. First on the Vita and then the PS4 – relentless death. I keep t...
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Bleed 2 – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Bleed 2 is the work of just one man from Bootdisk Revolution, AKA Ian Campbell. He knows how to pack a punchy budget title with just about everyt...
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The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, action and tranquillity coming January 23rd

Digerati Distribution and Y/CJ/Y announce that The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human is coming to PS4 this week. Players will be able to explor...
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