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Atmospheric puzzle-platformer Albert & Otto coming January 17th

Digerati Distribution, in partnership with K Bros Games have announced atmospheric 2D puzzle-platformer Albert & Otto is coming to PS4. In...
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Most violent puzzle game ever made heading to PS4 November 1st

Grab your hockey mask! Homicidal horror puzzler Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut is to PS4 and Xbox One. Slayaway Camp is the debut game from ...
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The Coma: Recut – Korean survival horror coming September 19th

Digerati and Devespresso Games bring The Coma: Recut, a manhwa-styled Korean survival horror to PS4. You play as Youngho, a hapless Korean...
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Explore a pixel art cyberpunk city in Dreambreak

Dreambreak is an adventure set in an alternative post cold war USSR. It's a quirky and unique mix of clashing gameplay genres. Get fingered for m...
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Get ready to Bleed August 22

Bleed, the 2D action-platformer and indie smash hit blasts into PS4 on August 22 (NA) and August 23 (EU) costing $9.99/€9.99. Originally launched...
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Vertical Drop Heroes HD drops on PS4/Vita

2D monster battler, Vertical Drop Heroes HD, developed by Nerdook, is coming to PS4 and PS Vita this month. Vertical Drop Heroes is a procedur...
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Uncanny Valley launches on PS4 and PS Vita today

The nightmarish 2D survival horror, Uncanny Valley, developed by Cowardly Creations, is coming to PS4 and PS Vita today. Release dates and pri...
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Signature Edition Games bring physical PS4 games with loads of extras

If, like us, you like your PS4 games physical then be sure to check out Signature Edition Games. They are part of UK-based indie developers Merge...
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8 Score

Letter Quest Remastered – Review (PS4/PS Vita)

Apple and cheese, chocolate and meat, Morgan Freeman and that Justin Bieber song. Just some of the things that are polar opposites and should...
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7.5 Score

The Sun and Moon – Review (PS4)

It started with a jam Ludum Dare is a jam event where individuals or teams of game devs are given 48 hours to create a game based upon a s...
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