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Jump Stars launching June 6th

Get ready for the ultimate party as Jamit Games and Curve Digital invite gamers to be the star of local multiplayer party game Jump Stars. Launch...
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Human: Fall Flat from Curve Digital hits May 9th

Puzzle game cult sensation Human: Fall Flat will hit PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro (4K resolution) on May 9th and Xbox One on May 12th ...
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Jump Stars – Preview

A few weeks ago Lizard posted about Jamit Games and Curve Digital's upcoming bonkers local multiplayer party game Jump Stars which is making its ...
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Jump Stars are getting ready to launch this summer

Time to dump Monopoly, and tell Charades to go away? Well check out Jump Stars. It's a bonkers local multiplayer party game that's coming to cons...
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Serial Cleaner set to clean up PS4 this summer

Serial Cleaner from Curve Digital and iFun4all will be coming to PS4 this summer. Serial Cleaner has you explore, experiment and make swift decis...
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9 Score

The Flame in the Flood – Review (PS4)

Imagine the trauma of forgetting to pop into Sainsburys on your way into work. Lunchtime rolls around and you’re sandwichless, Diet Cokeless no o...
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The Flame in the Flood hits PS4 January 17 with a launch discount

Pack your wilderness supplies and get ready for a perilous rafting trip as the award-winning survival game, The Flame in the Flood, hits PlayStat...
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The Little Acre arrives on PS4 today

Curve Digital have announced that their hand-drawn adventure ,The Little Acre, will now release on PlayStation 4 on December 13th, priced £9.99 /...
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Manual Samuel arrives on PS4

Manual Samuel is a ridiculous adventure unlike anything you’ve ever played before. The game challenges players to guide the titular hero through ...
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8 Score

Manual Samuel – Review (PS4)

Imagine if you had to constantly think about everything you do? Walking, just putting one leg in front of the other – just reflect on what it wou...
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