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7.5 Score

BlazeRush – Review (Nintendo Switch)

If you delve into the Nintendo Switch eShop you'll certainly find a shed load of racing games. Everybody has their favoured top-down racer. Wheth...
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7 Score

BlazeRush – Review (PS4)

Everybody has their favoured top-down racer. Whether it’s a muffin from stopping you from winning the Grand Finale Cup or ramming into a gigant...
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BlazeRush out now on PS4

Targem Games today tells us that BlazeRush, the explosive vehicular combat racing game is coming to PS4 on December 15th! First released o...
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What to expect in North America this week

Only a small bunch of releases this week on the North American front, at least there's one new game for each console. BlazeRush PS4 (Out 12/16...
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EU PlayStation Store Update – 10th November

Who's keedeep in Wasteland? That's right, Fallout 4 releases today, our reviews on the way! Also this week we have BlazeRush (Out 11/11/15) and S...
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PS3 News – BlazeRush, an explosive top down racer

BlazeRush, the new fast-paced top-down racing combat title from Targem Games is now available for PlayStation 3 and Windows PC through digital do...
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