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Song of Horror, a third person survival horror coming to PS4

If you're wondering what's the next horror title to keep on your radar, you may well want to check out this upcoming release. We first featured n...
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Tongue-in-cheek sci-fi shooter Vostok Inc heading to PS4 today

Nosebleed Interactive’s tongue-in-cheek sci-fi shooter Vostok Inc. is heading to PlayStation 4 today, as a digital and physical release. Publi...
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Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition arrives on PS4 & PS Vita on June 30th

BadLand Games and FuturLab have now confirmed that Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as a b...
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Demon’s Crystals dazzles on May 12th

Published by BadLand Games and developed by Byte4Games, Demon’s Crystals tells the story of a world once ruled by immensely powerful astral demon...
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2D underwater horror Anoxemia takes to the seas March 28th

Anoxemia is a 2D sci-fi horror that unfolds underwater. BadLand Games and Russian indie game development studio BSK Games, invite you on a perilo...
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Dual-stick shooter 8DAYS launches on PS4

8DAYS, published by BadLand Games and developed by Spanish indie studio Santa Clara Games, is now available on PS4 for €9.99/$9.99/£7.99. A pi...
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Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition announced

Quite simply, Velocity 2X is one of the best PS4 games around, and has graphics that look so good you’d want to lick the screen. We raved about V...
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8DAYS coming to PS4 on February 7th

Publisher BadLand Games and Spanish studio Santa Clara Games are getting ready to release the 8-bit top-down shooter 8DAYS on PlayStation 4 Febru...
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Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today – Review (PS4)

It’s happened to the best of us. One minute you’re minding your own business, the next you wake up in the middle of an apocalypse. Let’s hope you...
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Zenith – Review (PS4)

Zenith is an action RPG from Badland Indie and Infinigon and a pure projection of the Golden Age of Role Playing Games… but doesn’t take itself t...
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