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Time Recoil announced for PS4

From the creators of Crimsonland and Neon Chrome, comes a new shooter. Today those awesome fellas over at 10tons have released news about the...
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Xenoraid launching on PlayStation Vita January 10th

Xenoraid is a vertically scrolling shooter that features procedurally driven missions, some cool shooting mechanics and fighter switching during ...
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10tons announce Tesla vs Lovecraft for PS4

Those awesome fellas over at 10tons have released news about their new upcoming PS4 release, Tesla vs Lovecraft. It's an arena shooter inspired b...
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Cyberpunk twin stick shooter Neon Chrome launching on PS Vita November 29th/30th

The super cool cyberpunk twin stick shooter Neon Chrome will launch on PS Vita next week. Neon Chrome is a top-down twin stick shooter set in ...
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7.5 Score

Xenoraid – Review (PS4)

From Tennis in the Face, that brilliantly infectious racket and ball smack-a-thon game, to Crimsonland, (and all the games in between), Finnish d...
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10tons new space shooter Xenoraid takes off

Today 10tons release more information about their new space shooter, Xenoraid. Xenoraid is a vertically scrolling shooter that features proced...
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10tons bringing in more Vita love with Neon Chrome

The sci-fi themed roguelite twin-stick top-down shooter Neon Chrome looks set to release on PS Vita before the end of the year, 10tons have revea...
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7 Score

Neon Chrome – Review (PS4)

  Thumbs Out, Guns Out We at Punk and Lizard love a good shooter so when we heard that 10tons was bringing their cyberpunk twin-stick ...
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Neon Chrome – A top-down shooter from the makers of Crimsonland is out now

Neon Chrome is set inside an arcology, a massive science fiction residential structure. The player will shoot and blast his way through the m...
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10tons announces vertically scrolling shoot’em up Xenoraid

10tons have announced today a brand new vertically scrolling shoot'em up game Xenoraid. The game will be released later this year on PS4 and Vita...
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