First published May 16, 2014

Having the opportunity to preview a game is always exciting, but when you have a game such as Switch Galaxy Ultra blasting out of your wide screen TV at P&L HQ, not to mention Gary Nichols, CEO of Atomicom by your side – it’s a different story. Gary very kindly previewed his creation on Playstation 4 and PS Vita for us today, and it left us pretty speechless.


Atomicom is made up of game industry veterans with an average of 17 years experience, having each worked on some of the world’s leading franchises such as F1, Doom, Harry Potter, Need for Speed and WipeOut. So when these guys say they have been locked away for the past 10 months keeping their secret weapon under wraps, you want to be there when they unleash it. Today was the first time they have unveiled their futuristic reaction racer to the gaming world. So, was it worth the wait?

Hell yeah. Playing Switch Galaxy Ultra breathed new life into my PlayStation 4. I suddenly forgot the delayed DRIVECLUB or the latest muscle car to appear in The Crew – I didn’t care. Here is my next racer. As Gary told us: “It’s less about corners, it’s more about having ultra fast reactions. It’s a racer on steroids.” He’s not wrong either. Switch Galaxy Ultra truly has the Next Gen looks too. With cities designed by WipeOut co-creator Jim Bowers, you know you’re in for something special.


If you have time to notice the backgrounds while skipping from track to track, looping the loop and belting down the neon tracks at bone-rattling speed, you’ll be amazed by the detailed art. An artist called Lottie has worked alongside the team at Atomicom and truly delivered an epic backdrop to race in. The soundtrack also delivers. Programmed by Mike Clarke, it delivers relentless pounding blows to the midriff, just as you would expect.


So what about us handheld gamers? To be honest, Switch Galaxy Ultra on Vita really puts some other Vita games to shame. When Switch Galaxy launched on PSM in March 2013, it already looked like a fully blown Vita release, but this really is another level.

Talking at length with Gary, you really learn the passion and commitment he has for his job. It’s little touches like bringing fresh young talent to the gaming table or getting involved with the charity Caudwell Children that really make meeting Gary and playing an Atomicom game a total privilege. As we say at Punk and Lizard, it’s always the good guys who win. In our eyes they’ve won already.


Switch Galaxy Ultra runs at 60FPS and 1080p on PS4. It’s cross buy, cross play, cross save and launches in December!