Our overall verdict "Hit for Six"


As a kid I had one almighty collection of super toy cars, all proudly displayed on the sideboard. I can remember fondly dusting each and every one. My duster would get into every crack and cranny of my entire collection on a regular basis. Well, you want shine, welcome to Super Toy Cars. Newcomers to PlayStation, Indie outfit Eclipse Games, unleash their baby racer onto PS4. Ignition keys at the ready.

This budget car combat racer comes armed with 16 different vehicles, weapons, car upgrades and, best of all, a pretty rad drift mechanic. Even though there are weapons to pick up and hurl, the race relies on filling up your boost bar and drifting to get your kicks. Though there are weapons to play with such as the giant pool ball and the homing missile with the ability to send other racers into a spin back to their toy box, Super Toy Cars hits the mark with its racing.


Career Mode consists of 8 stages with a total of 60 different races to enter. Each win earns you points which in turn open up the next set of races. Races consist of Elimination, Time Trail, Evade and Time Attack as well as standard races to win. While the races may not be too testing they do provide a blast of fun. It’s pretty satisfying drifting around a raspberry muffin and leaving the pack behind while tossing a heap of pink sticky stuff behind you. The upgrading of each car offers a chance to leap into the lead. Cars range from Formula race cars, Hot Rods, rally cars and camper vans, each offered once you’ve bagged enough coins.

Extra content comes in the form of quick race mode offering leaderboards, a 4 player local multiplayer and an option of playing on easy, medium and hard for each track. There is also a photo mode and a classic top down view along with the standard behind the car view. But despite all this, the main career mode is the game’s let down as it’s a short ride.


Tracks offer a visual delight; different locations make for some fun and off the wall attractions. One track looks like it was wheeled off the set of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, while others have apt names like Baby Room, Kitchen and Garage. Some tracks provide a huge opportunity for some big drifts with their wide corners and long straights. It’s not all plain sailing though as exploding scenery such as gobstopppers, building blocks, and sushi rolls litter the track, requiring some quick fingers to avoid danger. There are 14 trophies including 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 12 Bronze which all pop with no trouble. Only the Gold Obsessive Collector trophy needs a little more time and tyre wear to accomplish the easy 100%.


Budget racer Super Toy Cars delivers some rad drifting moments with a sidecar helping of combat thrown in. Fun, short and with ever so shiny graphics, this broom broom racer is an appealing purchase. Just don’t expect a table top classic.

Lizard rating 6.5/10









Blondlizard is from London. His love of gaming continued onto the Sega Mega Drive, Gameboy, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, PlayStation 1,2,3 and 4, PSP and PS Vita. Blondlizard loves his racing games and is yet to play a RPG, but tells us he is willing to change. His favourite inventions are the wireless controller and American size crisp packets.