Our overall verdict "silver"

Super Mutant Alien Assault is an arcade platformer where you have to fend off a relentless pixelated alien onslaught. Survival of the fittest. And in keeping with the true fashion of old school platformers – it’s hard as nails. And furthermore, as you may expect, permadeath is on the menu. Ready up gamers, we’re going in…


One of Super Mutant Alien Assault‘s greatest difficulties yet greatest strengths is its unpredictability. Each level is served up with a random selection of weapons, enemies, vending machines and so on. You never know what you’re gonna get. And the enemies keep coming and coming. The upshot is that you’ll have to have a few runs where you don’t necessarily progress that much, but you learn valuable intel on certain weapons, abilities and so on. Then it’s a case of dodging, surviving and shooting any aliens in your vicinity. There are other tasks as well, which will involve you jumping from one side of the screen to the other whilst fighting the hordes of aliens. As if you didn’t have enough on your plate.


There is a story involved, but the game is proudly more about the gameplay. If you’re wondering; 3 fleets of spaceships are legging it from a doomed Earth carrying the last humans. With aliens on your tail, it’s up to you to save humanity. But as I said, the greatness is in the gameplay. There are 3 galaxies, and each contains 4 single screen levels, so 12 in total. Throw on top of that boss fights and you’re in for a steep learning curve. But it’s a hell of a rewarding one. It’s all or nothing. You left your safety blanket on Earth and if you die, game over. And you will die, but as mentioned before, you will learn. To put it simply, no run is a waste of time. Every attempt is valuable. So what are you waiting for?! Stop reading this review and go and save humanity!

Super Mutant Alien Assault may be more frantic than an alien invasion, but spend time learning it’s intricacies and you’ll find that it’s pretty out of this world.

Punk rating: 8/10


S_M_Punk is really an all rounder. A powerful cocktail of fighting, platforming, FIFA and tag teaming sees Punk hold valuable gaming knowledge across the board. Complete with his love of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, comics and slash horror games, Punk is a unique gamer who sounds about 15, but is actually 30.