Our overall verdict "silver"

Slamming down from the cosmos comes Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut, bringing with it a unique space flight simulator shooter to PSN and my goodness is this game good. Strike Suit Zero bypasses the usual fiddly controls and mindful caution that a flight sim gives you and lets you whoop alien ass from the outset. Big guns, millions of explosions and finding yourself right in the middle of an intergalactic war of mammoth proportions….thank goodness you have your suit with you.


A short beautiful narrated story spoken with the softest of female voices flows over a detailed and outlandish backdrop of outer space. This sets the scene and demonstrates at an early stage that Born Ready Games want you to believe in every second. In short, it’s a monumental battle between The United Nations of Earth and the many colonies scattered throughout the galaxy. You take control of a space fighter that handles well and with little nudges on the DS4 responds like your Hans Solo’s mentor. After a quick fire tutorial the battle commences and what lies ahead are 13 missions to jump into. Each mission rewards you in medals and also extra fire power. These newly gained projectiles ensure a longer flight time as Strike Suit Zero is no push over. The game does take a while to get your head around, but when the penny does drop you’ll be grateful you took that tutorial.


Intense dog fights against swarms of heavily armed crafts zigzagging and teasing you certainly bring a great sense of satisfaction when your timed delivery of fire power connects. Flying through the debris and dissipating dust clouds brings back the fondest memories of those Star Wars battles you once drooled over. The added cockpit view brings the action closer to home and makes those barrow rolls oh so sweeter. Each level throws similar objectives and missions for you to tackle as you progress through the galaxy, and the game also includes the extra “Heroes of the Fleet” DLC. Back drops of changing planets, dense blackness and swirling blue clouds give you a diver’s detailed vision of life in the stars.


Your chosen craft will take its fair share of damage but by collecting enough ‘Flux’ (which is rewarded to you from downing enemies) this will give you the opportunity to change form into your lethal suit of space armour. Here the Strike Suit bombards the cowering opposition into submission. It’s sort of like being the president for a day, you and your suit rule – but only briefly.

The game does try to provide variety but each mission is pretty much cloaked in the same way as the last one. Defecting hordes of quick paced fighters, escorting large platform type craft to safety or picking off weak spots on vessels with hair width accuracy all bring different ways to master each level. If you’re handy with the trigger then this is definitely for you – it’s a space combat game after all. The audio experience whacks out a full blown package with some fine vocal harmonies and playing with the new Wireless 2.O Headset is defiantly the way to go to scrape that last morsel of pleasure out of this game.




Despite a limited range of missions, Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut delivers a near AAA show of graphical beauty and substance. Coupled with a soothing and interweaving soundtrack this seductive space shooter is a top gun of a challenging combat game.

Lizard Rating 8.5/10