Our overall verdict "silver"

Strider is an old school, side scrolling, hack n’ slash platformer. Originally released in 1989, it has now been given the next gen (maybe we can start calling it current gen now) makeover. For those of you who are struggling to find £60 for one game, you’ve come to the right place. Your aim in Strider is to run, slash, climb and unlock. That’s it. It may not sound like enough, but Strider takes you back to a time where gaming wasn’t so much about emotion, but more about just having fun. And really, isn’t that the point of gaming in the first place?


Story wise, you’ve been sent to the Kazakh City to kill the Grandmaster Meio. Unluckily for you, they have a ludicrously high budget for security, and you need to take them all out to move forward. It’s not just the Russian security you need to assassinate here. As you’d expect, as well as the manpower, a lot of the security doors are locked. You’ll have to creep through vents and up buildings to find a workaround. All in all, the story is a beautiful looking backdrop, but really it’s secondary here. It’s all about slashing and dashing.


Strider can be brutal in its difficulty, mainly down to some cruelly placed checkpoints or a boss that will take you hours to beat (Example: “Solo” – have fun with that one!). As Strider Hiryu, you’ll gain certain upgrades that will make your journey a little easier however, so don’t worry too much. A lot of them aren’t optional either, as certain enemies won’t be beatable without them. Above all though, the difficulty feels fair, and never something that can’t be achieved. It’s actually incredibly fun. In fact, if you’re a speed demon, you can actually nail the whole game in under 4 hours. Throw in a Platinum :plat trophy and the fact that the game is only £11.99, and you have a game that is pretty much a must own on PS4.


Strider is a game you should hack, slash, dash and part with your cash for. Highly recommended.


Punk rating: 8/10