Our overall verdict "silver"

In my day to day life, I quite often feel like picking up a ball and throwing it at someone. Thankfully, Dodgeball was created. I’m also thankful that Stikbold! was created, because cutting straight to the chase – Stikbold! is bright, colourful, silly and heaps of fun.


Here’s the deal – It’s the 70’s, and as well as having a budding bromance, Bjorn and Jerome also have a love for dodgeball. It’s up to you to save the Stikbold! Championships and take Glory at the Finally Finals. But aside from a love interest, there’s many other distractions. And I’m not talking about balls. In the single player mode, you will dodge, pass and throw your way past beehive’s, whales, hot dogs, streakers and even the devil himself – yep, Stikbold! is living in cloud cuckoo land and you’re all invited. Don’t worry though, it’s a party you’ll want to attend.


There are 12 levels, and they switch between a normal match (I say normal…) and some ludicrously silly boss fights. The environments are wonderfully inventive too. You’ll play on beaches (with crabs nibbling at your heels), oil rigs (with activists trying to push you overboard) and even the darkest depths of hell (with some rather persistent skeletons). It’s not all fun and games though, as the later levels present a pretty significant challenge. Nothing you can’t handle – but you won’t be able to switch your gaming autopilot on.

The beauty of Stikbold however is that even in the challenging stages, you will have a blast. It’s such a hugely charming game that the only possible criticism I could throw at it is that I wish it was longer. You’ll wrap up single player mode in around 3-4 hours max. Having said that, there are 3 daisies (or challenges) in each level, which will certainly add on a couple of hours. These are also going to be crucial for trophy hunters, because if you nail the 3 of these in a level, you’ll receive a nice silver trophy. In every level. See, even the trophies are great! And if all that doesn’t sell you, you can get involved in some multiplayer matches, which can feature up to to six players (four groovy humans and two far out bots). To put it simply, Stikbold! is one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played in ages. It’s hard to imagine anyone not having a good time at the Stikbold championships.

Stikbold! is just pure fun. Who doesn’t like fun? And for £6.39, you couldn’t ask for any more. Highly recommended.

Punk rating: 8/10


S_M_Punk is really an all rounder. A powerful cocktail of fighting, platforming, FIFA and tag teaming sees Punk hold valuable gaming knowledge across the board. Complete with his love of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, comics and slash horror games, Punk is a unique gamer who sounds about 15, but is actually 30.