Put on your best hat because Rising Star Games have just announced that they have the honour of publishing SteamWorld Collection, from acclaimed developer Image & Form. The physical boxed edition, which is coming to retail in October, contains both SteamWorld Dig, and this year’s smash hit SteamWorld Heist.


Developed by Image & Form and published by Rising Star Games, the boxed edition of SteamWorld Collection will release in USA, Canada and South America on PlayStation 4 at selected retailers in early October priced at $29.99. In Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Middle East, the PS4 edition will be available from Rising Star Games in early October, priced £29.99/€29.99.

Both SteamWorld games scored a well deserved 8/10 when we reviewed them. You can check out the reviews here: SteamWorld Heist & SteamWorld Dig.