Bryan, Arjan and Max from Rockitbit are a bunch of great guys with a goal to make Voggel, a couch co-op game with birds that will definitely steal your heart. Voggel by Rockitbit brings you couch co-op fun in which you have to battle each other and steal the other player’s birds, while at the same time trying to defend your own!


About the game:

Voggel is a local multiplayer game about birds where you battle other players by stealing birds from their flock.

Voggel is best played with 4 friends on the couch and involves elbow thrusts and vile language during gameplay! Create your own bird and compete against your friends in several levels. Acquire new parts, colors and levels to make more combinations and explore the world!



– Compete with up to 4 players.

– Quirky and unique gameplay based around breaking, stealing and destroying.

– Create your own bird and lead your flock into battle.

– Unique art style.


Here’s some Voggel pre-alpha footage:

I’ve also had the pleasure to interview Bryan about Voggel and their goal to bring the game to PS4.

Can you tell us something about RockitBit?

RockitBit is founded in early 2014 by three Dutch students at the HKU. We met during the 1st semester and took on the challenge of making full-fledged games. Our approach to making games is to prototype games in a really fast manner. This allows us to test if a game concept is fun or not.

One day we brought a prototype of Voggel to a network lunch and realized that Voggel really is fun to play. From that moment on we started our quest to launch Voggel in to the air and make it a success. In the last months we’ve built demos of Voggel and showed these at events. We’ve shown our game at Epicon summer, Indigo and Firstlook, all in a 6 months! It’s going great and we are still motivated to make it in this industry.

What’s your proudest feature or what excites you the most about the game?

We’ve designed Voggel with a whole different mindset than most multiplayer games. Voggel is a fun multiplayer game because your goal is to steal from other players and the whole gameplay complements this feature.

What inspired you the most to make this game?

Party games that we played when we were young. We didn’t really have a specific game in mind, but the atmosphere where you and your friends sit together and have a good time is priceless. And that’s what Voggel does.

Can we expect the PS4 version soon after the initial release?

Releasing Voggel on a console is a must for us. And we hope we get the opportunity to do that. The PS4 is first on our list because of the new functions of the PS4, being able to play Voggel with your friends is the most important to us.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

At Firstlook 2014 we showed our new art style, and we launched our new website based on the art style! You can find up-to-date information on it. We also are very active on social media with our updates. So follow/like us!


We want to thank the guys at Rockitbit for their time for the interview. If you would like to know more about Voggel check out their new website, twitter or facebook and Tell’ em Punk and Lizard send you!

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