Prepare to go deep in Station, a non-linear 90’s style adventure with a PS4 and PS Vita stretch goal. Station is a non-linear pixel-art adventure game about an underwater expedition, featuring a dark atmosphere and an intriguing sci-fi plot. The action takes place deep in the Arctic Ocean, not far from the North Pole, where a survey crew sent by the ARC corporation is searching for exploitable natural resources. The work is hard and dangerous, and the people who do it have become hard and dangerous themselves. Some of the crewmembers are working off parole contracts. Others are in search for some easy money and will do anything to make a buck. The rest just have nothing to lose. And all the while the management of ARC is mired in an internecine power struggle. During this routine survey mission a bizarre event takes place that causes the crewmembers to go insane and start killing each other. station3 The protagonist is an ordinary man. He has no latent extrasensory abilities or other special powers. He isn’t even a former Marine, but just an average Joe who signed a work contract to make some money and was unlucky enough to end up in the thick of it. He isn’t particularly fast or athletic, and doesn’t have any weapons training. The protagonist does have one advantage, however: his professional skills. He knows how to use the equipment on the Station, and that’s his only chance to survive. The bathyscaphes, cranes, forklifts, and tools he finds are his weapons. station1 Check out the Station teaser trailer: Station’s plot will be non-linear and will depend not only on the choices the player makes in dialog trees or which NPCs they help, but also on which paths they choose. It’s ultimately up to the player to determine the causes of the strange events on the Station. This means that these causes will not be revealed as part of the main storyline. The player will have to hack computer terminals and learn about ARC by reading crewmembers’ logs and correspondence. Features: – Choose your own escape route from a variety of alternate paths. – Solve challenging puzzles using whatever items you happen to stumble upon. – Explore technical documents and crewmembers’ diaries and correspondence to reveal the real causes behind the incident. – Use the equipment on the Station, including cranes, bathyscaphs, loading robots, and security systems. – Decide who you want to trust (and get useful information) and who you’d better avoid (and stay alive). – Survive the soul-chilling terror of the Arctic depths.   The Station Kickstarter launched today and the PS4/Vita strechgoal is just $55.000!  We wish the guys luck and we’ll be bringing you more news on Station as it happens.


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