Our overall verdict "gold"

Zen Studios Zen Pinball is undoubtedly the best pinball game out on any platform. Now with the release of 3 more tables, it’s time to feel the power of the force again.

Star Wars: Balance of the Force is the latest set of DLC tables available for Stars Wars Pinball. The tables included are Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, Starfighter Assault and Darth Vader. Remember how epic those Star Wars battles were? The sounds that the legendary Starfighters made. The Millennium Falcon. They all bring such vivid memories flooding back. Well Zen Studios have captured the spirit of George Lucas yet again and given the Vita another set of stunning looking tables that reek of true Star Wars style.

The Star Wars: Balance of the Force pack has a whole feast of tricks up its sleeve. First off, you can play as the dark side or vice versa. Lord Vader looks like he just stepped off Episode 1 from back in 1999, still commanding ultimate respect and reciting memorable quotes. The tables look supreme throughout and there are an abundance of hidden surprises too.

Zen are known for bringing the best pinball games to the table using realistic physics and here they certainly up the style and content. The gameplay is super slick and just like Zen’s previous tables they are super addictive too. Racking up enough points will trigger cut scenes where you’re thrown into battles, flying a different craft across the universe. Chasing cat and dog style in your favourite craft brings a different dynamic to the table. As well as electric visuals, each table has excellent audio to further lose yourself in the battle. If you’ve never played a Zen Pinball game before, or are new to the Vita, a pinball treat awaits you. For the rest of us? It’s business as usual.

Zen have delivered another wizardaly set of tables that are not only finely polished but are dripping with nostalgia. It’s time to feel the force again.

Lizard rating 9/10





Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force is DLC for the existing Star Wars Pinball from Zen Studios. Released 15th Oct.