If you’re looking for a new PS VR experience then check this one out. Independent game studio Brainseed Factory, known for their award-winning puzzler Typoman, have returned with another unique puzzle platforming experience. Squishies is a PlayStation VR exclusive. Check it out below.

About the game
Help stranded Squishies find their way back home in a fantastic miniature 3D universe!

Get lost in a cheerful world full of adventures! Squishies is a single player, puzzle platform experience, built exclusively for the PlayStation VR. Solve puzzles and save Squishies or be creative and build your own levels then share them with the community.

Roll the Squishies by pulling and pushing them with your Alien Fish Friends (PlayStation®Move Motion Controllers) across 100 levels in five different worlds. Use alien technology and your environment to collect crystals and ensure them a safe route home.


•Story Mode offering dozens of hours of challenging gameplay
•Creative Mode offering endless hours of gameplay with the integrated, super powerful, yet easy-to-handle Level Editor (which we used ourselves to create all story levels)
•Press one button to share your creation with the Squishies Community
•Download & Play Levels provided by the Squishies community
•Comfortable VR experience, virtual player motion is 100% mapped to real world movement
•Distinct Orchestral Soundtrack specifically composed for the game underscoring the five different world themes of Squishies
•Familiar 3D puzzle platforming brought to VR, but with unique user controls, where players only use environmental elements (air, fire, water and ice) to reach the goal
•Combine, synchronize and multitask different Power-Ups, environmental elements and friendly creatures to progress through levels.
•Featuring engaging trophies (incl. Platinum trophy) and your own distinct and customizable Player ID community card