VooFoo Studios are launching This Is Snooker, featuring record-breaking legend Stephen Hendry. In association with publisher Double Eleven, VooFoo are packaging This Is Snooker with the already announced and highly anticipated This Is Pool.

This Is Snooker has been developed from the ground up using VooFoo Studios’ completely revamped roprietary game and physics engine and will be available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Check out the announcement trailer that’s just been released below.

Former world number one for nine seasons, Hendry is widely regarded as one of snooker’s greatest ever players. Stephen features in the game as both an AI opponent and expert mentor in a series of exclusive ‘Cue Tips’ videos designed to help improve your real-life and in-game snooker skills. Players will also be invited to play-through a series of arcade scenarios that challenge you to recreate defining moments in the snooker legend’s record-breaking snooker career.

VooFoo Studios has worked meticulously with Hendry to recreate his unique characteristics and attacking style of play in-game and to enhance their ability to create totally believable cue-sport physics in a stunningly realistic simulation of one of the world’s most exciting and competitive sports. Also featured in the game is world-renowned professional snooker and pool referee, Michaela Tabb, whose familiar voice brings authority and authenticity to the in-game referee.

Being huge snooker players and big fans of VooFoo, we’re pumped for this release! For more on This Is Snooker, head over to the VooFoo HQ.