Our overall verdict "bronze"

10tons games present Sparkle originally a mobile game, but now a fully fledged PS Vita release.

Sparkle is an endearing little puzzler where sparkly, brightly coloured orbs descend down a path. Armed with the orb slinger, your task is to stop these shiny gems from reaching the end hole. Using both touch screen and analog sticks, firing different colour orbs will make the same colour orbs disappear.

The game is set in a lovely enchanted forest called Crowberry Woods, and each snake like path the orbs follow is a set one. There is a story somewhere amidst the gem popping; evil forces are taking over the woods and your popping skills are needed to restore peace. Don’t worry though, you won’t get too lost in this story. It just adds a certain touch of magic and depth to the game.


As you wander deeper into the woods, the paths become more maze like. There are no orbs raining down from the sky here. The concept itself does make for a fresh and different take on the match three popping puzzle game.  Chaining together orbs of the same colour will give you various different power-ups.  Obliterating everything on screen here will give you a little rest bite – that is until the next wave start their slippery snail like descent down each path. Your orb slinger is fixed and can only rotate. Personally, I found using the touch screen a quicker way to fire the orbs and also more accurate. As you progress, you’ll need quicker reflexes and eagle eyes to move forward through each magical path. Amulets also add a new element to the gameplay. Here you can earn different abilities that make your journey through Crowberry Woods slightly easier.


Sparkle is a really fun little game and does become addictive. Sparkle is priced at £3.99 and I think this is a fair price to pay. PS Vita EU ML67-FCN7-NTCC > > PM5N-LLN4-LKPN > > G6N9-3TN7-PR83 I feel us Vita gamers have got a little too used to the £1.99 price tag and have maybe started to take this for granted.  Accompanied with a rather epic orchestral soundtrack, Sparkle does have the feel of a polished release indeed. The trophies on offer here are 7 bronze :bronze, 1 silver :silver and 1 gold :gold. It seems we are definitely going to see more of 10Tons too, as they have further plans to bring more of their titles to PS Vita.

Sparkle brings a different feel to this genre of game and brings a dark and mysterious vibe.  If you like your gem popping puzzlers, then this is for you.

Lizard rating 7-10

Developer – 10tons