First-person, sci-fi adventure Soul Axiom will launch today for £15.99, $19.99, €19.99. PS4 gamers will receive a 25% discount with 10% for everyone and an extra 15% for PS Plus members bringing the game to £11.99, $14.99, €14.99 for a limited time only. With elements of exploration, mystery and puzzle solving, Soul Axiom is a psychological thriller and comes with a compelling storyline. Within the first 5 minutes of the game you are free falling through a storm. Lightning sporadically illuminates the sky, showing brief, vivid flashes of memories. Your memories. You struggle to take a breath as you plummet, out of control, into the eye of the storm, towards your certain death. Squinting, eyelashes battling the rain, you catch a glimpse of a large object that you are hurtling towards. You brace yourself for impact, for death, confused and terrified.

You are on the deck of a ship, rain pummelling the wooden boards around you. You look up to see four shadowy figures on the bridge, gazing into the distance, with an old man at the helm…

Sounds interesting? You bet, check out the trailer.

Wales Interactive is a BAFTA Cymru award winning Indie video games developer & publisher so be sure to keep a look out for this one! Our review is on the way.