If, like us, you like your PS4 games physical then be sure to check out Signature Edition Games. They are part of UK-based indie developers Merge Games, and they are releasing some of our favourite PlayStation 4 games in Special Edition physical form. These limited runs include all sorts of extras in the shape of one-off soundtracks, art books, stickers, and figures. In addition, true to its name, all Signature Edition games will also feature the signatures of the team behind your favourite games.

First off, shipping Mid-January comes the awesome Slain: Back from Hell. The package contains a region free PS4 Slain: Back from Hell game, the official Slain: Back from Hell soundtrack CD, Slain: Back from Hell artbook, and an outer box with the developer’s signature. If you grew up with a staple diet of Ghost ‘n Goblins and Golden Axe then this game is definitely one for you.


Also available to buy now is Aragami. Each copy is signed by the development team and again includes a region free PS4 Aragami game, the official Aragami Soundtrack CD, and the complete printed Aragami art book.


There are going to be more upcoming special edition games announced later, as soon as we hear we’ll let you know.

Both Slain and Aragami both got our attention when they released on the PSN this summer. Now with these great extras that Signature Edition Games are offering, it makes picking up each game even more of an attractive offer. Plus each game only costs £30 too.

Check out Signature Edition Games and tell’em Punk and Lizard sent you.