Shütshimi is a randomized shoot’em up about a muscle-bound fish with memory problems defending the seven seas and come to PS4 and Vita.

Shütshimi is already out in NA and comes to Europe soon!

Fishy Features Include:

• Endless waves, endless fun!
• 10 second bursts of shmup action!
• 5 different, upgradeable weapons to choose from!
• Over 30 upgrades to collect! Combine upgrades with different weapons for interesting combinations!
• Hats! Over 30 of them! Some hats unlock hidden “Hattributes” which modify gameplay even further!
• Full keyboard and controller support! Play any way you like, as long as it’s either of these two options!
• You can smoke underwater!?
• Leaderboards! Compete with friends and foes for the top score!
• Local Co-op! Work together or screw each other over when competing for the top score (NOTE: Vita version will not contain local co-op)
• There’s also a remarkable number of cats!