Our overall verdict "gold"

With VR and PS4 Pro stealing the headlines lately it would be easy to take our eyes off ‘normal’ PS4 games. But what is normal anymore? Well it’s certainly not Shu. Let me shu you why (sorry)…


Shu is a platformer that mixes beautiful 2D hand-drawn characters amongst a stunning array of environments. You know the drill here – you’re essentially just jumping, running and gliding your way from the left side of the screen to the right. But there’s something about Shu that makes it stand out from the rest. The art style in particular is hugely eye grabbing – the visuals are gorgeous. The various selection of landscapes are breathtaking and if you’re a fan of the Rayman games then you’ll be in heaven here.


Story wise Shu is on an adventure trying to save his friends and not only that, but together they must escape a storm that is hell bent on consuming the world. Yikes. The gameplay is just as dramatic. Saving others is just as important as traversing the dangerous environments unscathed. Every time you save a villager, you gain a new ability. And as you make your way through the five levels (each with 3 stages), you’ll essentially be pegging it from that pesky storm. The pressure mounts up more and more and really created an adrenaline rush I haven’t experienced for a long time. Shu clocks in at around 2-4 hours (dependent on skill) which doesn’t sound long, but it’s a near flawless example of the platforming genre and you won’t mind one bit that it was short, you’ll be grateful for your time instead.


Magical, colourful and frantic – Shu provides one of the most exhilarating platforming experiences in recent times.

Punk rating: 9/10