Nubarron: the adventure of an unlucky gnome is dark puzzle platformer about Cloud and Gnome’s dramatic relationship. The game has a big chance to get released on PS4, PS3 and Vita in the future.


The story of Nubarron is not like any other fairy tale. Things don’t work as one might expect in this twisted world, and the forest is aware of this. Perceive the world morphing in the most mischievous ways at every single step.

Nubarron: the adventure of an unlucky gnome is 2D puzzle plaformer with some gorgeous digital painted art. The game is based on difficult puzzles that will put you in the dilema of using Cloud’s thunder bolts to modify the environment.

Check out this trailer for a better look at the game.

I also had the oppertunity to interview Nastcloud about Nubarron: The adventure of an unlucky gnome.

Can you tell us someting about Nasty Cloud?

Sure, we’re an independent studio from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our vision is to create hight quality art-driven games. With art-driven we don’t mean nice graphics, but art in the broad sense of the word which includes depth and meaning.

What’s your proudest feature or what excites you the most about the game?

We think that the graphics quality, the music and Cloud’s novel mechanic are mostly what we’re proud of. It’s hard to find a game here in Argentina that combines these things, and we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved in a short period of time.

What inspired you the most to make this game?

It was sort of a rolling snowball effect. We started talking about which kind of games we love, and LIMBO, Journey and Braid came up. Each time we gathered while working on projects for clients we agreed that we had to take a shot with our own game. One thing took to the other and we were extremely excited about working on a new instance of Nubarron, with all those elements that inspired us from those indie games I mentioned.

Can we expect the PS4/Vita versions soon after the initial release?

PS4 is on the list. We still have to sort a couple of things, but it’s likely it’s going to happen. We’re not sure PS3 or Vita will have a quick launch, mostly because we have to deal with lo memory on those platforms, and we’ll have to take some time to make everything fit. But yeah, you can expect that sooner or later we’ll release the game for the three platforms. You know PS3 is still a major player here in Argentina, so we would love to support it as well.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I’d like to thank all of our backers and all the people helping us with the project. Making videogames in this world is a really hard endeavor and this family of awesome people is making it so awesome for us.

We want to thank Nastycloud for taking the time for our interview. For more info about Nubarron check out their kickstarter page or follow them on twitter. More news about the game as we get it.


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