Run Postman Run is an amusing video game in which its main character, Postman, runs along Victorian streets delivering letters into the citizens mailboxes. However, it is not an easy task since the city dogs are chasing him.


In order to succeed in his job, Postman must climb buildings and use different powers, weapons and abilities that allow him to throw objects, freeze or escape from the ferocious canines that are trying at all costs to prevent the letters reach their final destination. Also you can use a tranquilizer gun, a grappler gun, teleporters, smoke bombs, including a cat thrower you can use to distract the dogs chasing you. Sounds pretty fun eh?

run postman run 3

run postman run 2

Run Postman Run is the latest game from Bob Games and is coming to ios and android, and hopefully to PS Vita very soon (Bob Games tell us they are in talks with Sony at the moment)

More news as we get it!