A few months ago, we received one of the most interesting updates yet. Sony has now given you the option to hide all or certain games from people seeing. If you frequent any major forum, one of the most common requests was the ability to delete 0% games from your profile. Did we get what we wanted or was this a little too much power?

The good things about the update are we can now hide any games we would like. How many people have gotten a nice 0% trophy list on their profile because they played a demo? Guess what…you can hide it now. Personally, I had a few games I loved to hide  including Trash Panic and Pixeljunk Eden. I recently did Star Ocean as my 500th Platinum and the only reason I went for it is because I had a 0% on my profile. If this update came out sooner, I probably would have skipped that game. Hiding 0% games are excellent since statically they play no role in your trophy totals. Another thing that could be done is hiding games that maybe you are embarrassed to have on your profile. Did you play a kids game for trophies and your friends give you shit about, you can hide it.


The flip side of the update though is you can now hide anything from your view. Cheaters who have hacked games can now hide their games from your view so you cannot see what they did. In fact, they can block their whole profile so you cannot see any game whatsoever. Also, if you hide games that you have earned any trophies on, it will make your trophy totals inaccurate.

Since the update, the 3 major leaderboards had to make decisions on how to handle the new update.


PSNProfiles has taken the stance to allow hidden trophies to be removed from your profile. If you hide trophies, your trophy totals will be reduced so in essence it will be like you never played it. So if you hacked Fuel/Socom games early on, this is an option that will provide you some forgiveness. So if you were marked as a cheater by their detection system, if you hide the game you will now be on the clean leaderboard.

Unfortunately, this process can and has been abused. People who were marked as a cheater for certain games or automatically detected can now be hidden so they appear to be clean. The issue with this is the smart cheaters might only make a few mistakes and if they hide those games they will be clean and there is nothing you can do. PSNProfiles has always taken the lazy way of finding cheaters and trying to appease everyone so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.



PSNTrophyleaders has also took the stance to allow hidden trophies to be removed from your profile. As of now though, they will only allow you to hide 0% games since statically it does not affect your trophy totals. If you hide any games that you have earned at least 1 trophy in, you will be removed from their leaderboard and marked as hiding trophies. It should not come as a surprise this is their policy since they currently have the strictest policy on cheaters.

Before the update, PSNtrophyleaders is known as the most accurate leaderboard on the internet. With this new update, they have made sure to protect the accuracy of their leaderboards by removing people who hide trophies and assume they are cheaters/hackers. Although you might not agree with this, it is the only fair way to do this. If you were removed for hiding trophies, they have stated you can unhide the trophies and be re-entered in the leaderboard.


As of now, YGC has had server issues and does not currently have a policy on trophies being hidden. They do have a trophy team that actively searches for cheaters so it should be interesting to see what decision is made. After contacting YGC, they have told me,”We are leaning towards Trophy Leaders policy on it”

So what do you think about the update?