Everyone has their own gaming nightmare stories to tell.  We’re not talking lost receipts, bent inlay cards or your girlfriend using Smackdown vs Raw as a coffee mat. Oh no. At Punk and Lizard we are talking about the World’s No 1 trophy hunter’s gaming nightmares. And they don’t come much bigger than this. Over to Roughdawg4 (25,486 trophies and about to bag a 524th Platinum)…

To me the definition of a nightmare game is if it stacked I would never ever play it again. I tend to like all games but there are a few that still give me chills. Here are some of the nightmare games I have experienced:

Dark Void.


This game is known as one of the most glitchiest games currently on the ps3. Until I reached the final stage, I actually had minor issues with the game but then something weird happened. It is hard to explain but I felt like I was constantly replaying the same part of the last stage over and over again. I think the last stage alone took me about 5-6 hours and resulted in a broken shoulder button on my controller. The controller sort of still works and I use it on those games you need 4 controllers for. Every time I see the controller, it’s a constant reminder of the worst game I have ever played. I wanted to do the DLC at some point but I heard that is even worse.

The only thing I can say is out of all the glitches I experienced, the only one that did not happen was the Greased Monkey glitch. Thank god.

F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin


The game is actually a fun game unless you are going for a platinum which then it turns into a nightmare. To reach the highest rank you need 1 million EXP. To put this in perspective, you get 7XP for every kill so if you wanted to do it legit in a deathmatch you would need 142,858 kills….yeah that’s not happening.

The most efficient way to boost the trophies is to play a capture match which you will then begin to take turns back and forth losing and recapturing control points. You will get to do this process for about 80-100 hours. So for that time all you will be doing is moving your controller up then back down every few seconds. This game actually does stack with the Japan version and as much as I like stacking games, I will never play this game again.

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X


One of my favorite types of games to play is flying simulations. Even though the game was fun for me, I would never play this game again once it was finished. If it wasn’t for Shoe478 I would have given up on the platinum a long time ago. I wouldn’t say there is anything that is overly difficult, but a few trophies are luck based and those are the worst kind of trophies.

There are 2 trophies that will cause you to have nightmares on this game and it is Counter Support Ace and Sitting Ducks. Counter Support Ace involves playing another team in a dogfight. What you need to hope for is your opponent to get a certain ability while you get another ability that counters their ability. This trophy alone took me about 30 hours to finally achieve. The other trophy is sitting ducks which is impossible in my eyes to do legit. First you need to get an EMP strike which is the rarest ability to earn. Then what you need to do is kill 2 planes at the same while you activate EMP. The issue with this is the EMP causes a free-fall so you need to time your missile strike within a second or two or you will hit the planes to early or miss due to their descent.

Days of Thunder Nascar


I am not a big fan of driving games so this game is already off to a bad start in my eyes. The whole game all you will be doing is going in a circle for about 20 hours to get all the trophies. The difficulty is very easy which I think adds to the boring factor. So you will need to win and qualify in 1st for about 30 something races while only taking left hand circles. The awards that you need to earn do add a little difficulty but I just wish more was added to the game to make it more interesting. Maybe that the issue is technically that is what Nascar is. I had trouble playing this game for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Big thanks to Roughdawg4 for telling us his gaming nightmares. Let us know yours in the comment section below!