Since the start of setting up Punk and Lizard we were really buzzed up knowing that we had Roughdawg4 with us. Being the worlds number 1 gamer, who better to ask for trophy help, gaming knowledge and advice? Being such a super nice, modest guy Roughdawg4 has never spoken about the website he owns and runs. It’s an elite website where only the top trophy hunters and gaming elite go. For the first time, read about his website, how it started and how the world’s gaming elite joined him.

Over to Roughdawg4…

As you may know, I am a big fan of Punk and Lizard and what they are accomplishing with their new site. Currently, I run a small site as well at . I know when we first met he was shocked that the site consisted most of the top trophy hunters in the world. We might not have quantity but we certainly have quality. Over the years, the site has become one the best sites for information on imported games. Since we have most of the top trophy hunters in the world, we have access to the best information as well.


The biggest difference though with my site compared to most others is we try to maintain privacy (although I guess I am blowing some of that up now). By maintaining privacy and as careful of a screening process as we can do, we have created one of the best and safest places to trade ps3 games on the internet. We have been trading for several years and after over thousands of trades, we have had only 2-3 incidents and they have all ended with games been replaced or compensated. It’s amazing when you think about it that so many people can be so trustworthy to each other even though they have truly never met. Most of our members are from the United States and England but we have others from Germany, France, and other countries so it helps to find those rare games indigenous to those areas.


As for the site, it started with an idea during a trophy competition at . Ballin404 started a group on the site and invited 10-12 of the top trophy hunters in the world that were also in the competition. He made the group specifically to trade imported ps3 games. As you may know, buying imported games are very expensive and can cost somewhere between $80-$100. He had an idea if we traded games between ourselves, we can save alot of money and it was genius. After the group was setup for 3 weeks, everyone in the group was banned from the site for breaking rules that at the time did not exist. We tried to fight over the basis that the rule did not exist but that did not matter. And even though a majority of us never had an issue on the site at any point, they thought a permanent ban was in place for the group. This is why you never see top trophy hunters on that site, even though they have one of the biggest memberships, eventually they all get wronged one way or another.


As you can imagine, many of us grew irritated at the site especially since we just wanted to trade games in peace. A few of us stayed in contact and after a while me and Mitmat decided to create a site where we did not have to worry about rules and regulations and just trade games. After a few days we were able to successfully launch the site for free on zetaboards. The site had very low functionality but we did not care, we just wanted to trade games. Most of the group did join the site but then it started to grow. Other top trophy hunters would message how we got all these games and next thing we knew they were joining the site as well.  Unfortunately as quickly as Mitmat helped create the site, he left the site with no notice. Thankfully one of my good friends Miniraciz decided to help out and we have been running the site ever since. We went from a crappy site at zetaboards to a nice looking site at .  Most of the people on the site, including myself, owe their high ranking due to the games available from the site.


It is funny to think that if we were never banned, the site would most likely never exist.