Rocking Pilot is a single player top-down shooter that combines combo high score chasing, cartoony graphics, fast-paced arcade gameplay, a heavy rock soundtrack and some crazy weapons. We’re also promised some close-quarter carnage as your chopper’s propellers have been replaced with deadly rotor blades. What’s not to like?!

In the world of Rocking Pilot, war has become a televised entertainment program run by WYNC Studio 1. After a rigorous training regime of watching hundreds of action movies, “The Pilot” is now combat trained. He’s ready to become a reality TV star, but more importantly find a way to put an end to all this madness.

Rocking Pilot comes loaded with 42 missions, 4 worlds and a huge number of enemies over 16 missions. Check it out below.

This heavy metal twin stick shoot ’em up from Mad Head Games is heading to PS4 at a later date. If you can’t wait then Rocking Pilot is available now on PC, priced at $5.99/£4.79/€5.99.

More news as we get it!