Rocket Ranger was originally released by Cinemaware in the late 80’s. The developer is now aiming to bring the game back with high definition graphics, fun gameplay, enhanced action sequences and the same atmosphere as the original in Rocket Ranger Reloaded. If you are a fan of the original Rocket Ranger game, the game is available on Google Play and soon on IOS, so check it out!


Cinemaware is now working at bringing Rocket Ranger back with its unique blend of action sequences, strategic decision-making, and an exciting plot involving historical and science-fiction events! The game will be presented in an authentic atmosphere set in the world of the 1930/40s – all in high-definition stylized graphics with a new orchestral soundtrack and amazing sound effects! All of the game’s action sequences will be vastly enhanced while staying true to the spirit of the original game.


Among the original gameplay elements that will come back are:

– Dogfighting sequences against a larger variety of enemies and scenarios!
– Exciting shoot-outs at secret, expanded Nazi locations!-Boxing punch-outs against multiple enemy guards!
– Strategic-decision making as you deploy and manage your secret agents’ moves!
– Rocket and weapons research at the Fort Dix labs!

And some very new content:

– New locations in a broader world map with several additional countries to visit!
– Special locations such as islands, ships, submarines, underwater bases and other secret spots to discover!
– Additional abilities that can be assigned to your agents!
– Enhanced and expanded RPG-style features!
– New action sequences such as trench runs, fighting tanks, stratosphere shootouts and manning vehicles!
– The ability to research weapons and gadgets!
– Expanded functions on your Telefunken wrist monitor!

Check out this early gameplay footage to get a better look at the game:

For more info about Rocket Ranger reloaded, best check out their kickstarter campaign or follow Cinemaware on twitter.


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