Our overall verdict "Hit for Six"

If like us you have fond memories of the heady PS One days of gaming then you’ll surely remember the awesome motorbike brawler Road Rash. Now Maximum Games bring back their own take on the shoulder to shoulder brawling mayhem in Road Rage. Road Rage is not a sequel to Road Rash but if you’re looking for some lethal chain and ball action there’s not many places to go on PS4.

Road Rage is a ridiculously over the top gritty open-world motorbike brawler. It starts with a short explanation about the setting you’re playing in and why you’re allowed to club innocent bystanders and fellow bikers to death. The explanation seems passable, so upon taking your first ride out into the foggy world of Ashen and letting loose a few random side swipes at unexpected street walkers, Road Rage looks good.

The premise is to ride fast and land enough takedowns in the hope of hustling your way to the rank of president. As would you expect there’s a city full of dead beats, gangs and outlaws ready to fight back. This bike brawler is not short on content and the single player has you riding through 42 story-driven missions and a heap of additional side missions. These missions are fed to you via text messages on a mobile phone. It’s all pretty straight forward. You’re given a mission, meet the criteria and a new mission pops up. Mixing things up, certain tasks require a specific bike or upgrade to enter. But as you’ll find yourself with a healthy bank balance, you won’t find these limitations a problem.

Races include a straight forward first to the chequered flag, elimination race’s, assassination missions – the list is pretty good. You can also perform the odd stunt like shooting off ramps and pulling wheelies but because of the bike’s questionable physics don’t expect anything special.

Each motorbike has upgradable parts and the clubhouse is where you neeed to head to mess about and blow your loot. Handling on the variety of motorbikes is passable and once you discover the handbrake is the best option to weave in and out of tight street corners there is fun to be had.

With a name like Road Rage the main draw has to be the shoulder to shoulder brawling. Such feats of swinging clubs, chainsaws and hockey sticks at other neanderthal bikers should be the highlight, but unfortunately it slightly misses the mark. That being said, there are moments of satisfaction when a finely timed club to helmet connects and sends your rival crashing into a concrete slab. Be careful though, as you may find yourself picking up your own teeth with a broken arm way to often if you miss.

Unfortunately Road Rage is nothing spectacular but as mentioned earlier, this arcade racer does deliver some satisfying moments. Bombing round Subtroit in a time trial event feels good and touches such as surrounding reflections in shimmering puddles accompanied by a thunderous soundtrack that could wake the dead add to the experience. But before too long you’ll discover a repetitive nature that becomes a grind. Not helping matters is the fact that during races you’ll often find yourself magically sailing through brick walls and coming out the other end intact, or gettting stuck in tight corners where the only way out is to reboot the game. Either way these are only small gripes. The good news is if you are a trophy hunter then stick this on your radar, as trophies pop without a fight.


Road Rage
has its moments as a half decent racer but is let down by some poor brawling and off the wall AI. However, if you want a hugely over the top bike brawler but don’t mind its fault’s then hit Road Rage.

Lizard Rating: 6/10







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