Let’s get this straight: 174 bikes, including 16 modifiable models which spawn 16 new race models, arriving at grand total of 190 bikes! We have just been checking out Ride 2, and we can tell you it’s looking pretty awesome. Read all about our day with PQube here!

Check out below the details on all the new Customisation and Crew challenges Ride 2 has to offer.


For the first time in the series, you will be able to choose the gender of your rider, and not only that: the designers from the Milanese company are introducing all the gear from the biggest brands in the sector – for both men and women.


Pimp your bike! Customisation is becoming ever more extreme and detailed: from this year you will be able to transform some of the dealership bikes into real racing machines, removing lights, numberplate and mirrors and installing fabulous fibreglass race fairing. Naturally, you can choose your favourite registration number!


As anticipated, challenges will be more social! In Ride 2 you will be able to compete not just with your own Avatar, but also with those of your friends, creating your own team made up of 4 Virtua Riders, ready to challenge 10 teams and climb the rankings over the course of 10 thrilling, full gas events. The riders of your friends will maintain their riding style and all their main characteristics over the course of races. Make your Virtua Rider better and the most sought after by Crews, compete with the riders of your friends to win all the events and the 10 exclusive bikes that can only be acquired in this mode!

Ride 2 comes loaded with more than 200 bikes along with the most iconic tracks (over 30 tracks in 7 categories). We really enjoyed chasing the Platinum (and the opposition) in the first game so we’re pretty pumped to Ride again. For more news and updates from UK games publisher and distributor PQube, head over to their HQ.

Ride 2 is out now on PS4.