Review policy

We at Punk and Lizard pride ourselves on our open and honest approach to reviews. We would never write anything in our reviews that we wouldn’t say directly to the developer. Where possible we will complete as much of the game as we can before publishing our review. If a title is crossbuy we will play both versions, PS4 and PS Vita, if they are available at the time of the review. We reserve the right to score a game however we see fit. Nevertheless, if a reviewer gives a title an exceptionally high or low score then, at our executive editors discretion, another member of our team may be asked to play and verify the game merits the score given.

We always adhere to embargoes if developers or publishers impose them.

What our scores mean
Each game we review will be given a score between 1 and 10.
Here is what our review scores mean;

10 – Platinum. Essential buy.
9 – Gold. Excellent.
8 – Silver. Very good all rounder.
7 – Bronze. Definitely worth checking out, just lacks the final bang.
6 – Hit for six. Just misses the mark but still has its glory moments.
5 – Average. We’re not saying it’s bad, just don’t expect the world.
4 – Poor. Poor game all round but there is something there for someone… we think.
3 – Ouch. Painfully dull experience.
2 – Bigger ouch. Call for help.
1 – Death. Avoid like the plague. Seriously it should be buried in a landfill along with that E.T. game (Don’t tell SJ we said that; she loved that E.T. game)

Occasionally a title will be given an extra .5 on the review score. This is because the reviewer felt the game did something to move it from the lower score but not quite enough to warrant moving it to the higher score.