Our overall verdict "gold"

Having been brought up on a staple diet of Galaxian, Moon Cresta and Phoenix, Resogun takes place in a cylinder space giving a different feel to its predecessors. This is 2013 – the genre has evolved and Housemarque are at the forefront. Resogun looks spectacular and is truly deserving of the word epic. The brilliance of Resogun is the super addictiveness that this twin stick shooter creates from the starting block. Witnessing entire end level boss battles disintegrate into a million pieces will light up your whole living room and probably the street opposite too. It’s not just the visual side that sucks you in either. The gameplay is so rewarding and with added difficultly levels, return battles are a must.


The plot is to rescue ten humans scattered across five stages. You can opt for an easier time by disregarding these lives, but don’t. You’ll need a fine eye and a good ear if you are to rescue the humans relying on you. First off, the DualShock4 is truly an impressive tool in Resogun. The built in speaker helps greatly for audio clues (thankfully though the speaker can be turned down for late night gaming sessions). The keepers have the power to open up the stranded earthlings and free them from the cubes they are imprisoned in. Keeping an eye out for the Keepers is pretty hard though, as there is so much on screen mayhem on show here. There are mega blast’s of super bright explosions that swirl off the alien space craft, dipping and diving around you, not to mention the ground cannons firing upwards…you name it, it’s coming at you.


The most satisfying feeling is simply blasting away, destroying everything in sight and watching the enemy disintegrate into millions and millions of tiny cubes as the remnants scatter across the screen. It’s at this moment that you realise you are playing a next gen console. This is what you wanted to see – the power and visual treat of the PS4 in motion. It’s here, and probably not even performing to its maximum capacity either.

Resogun handles well on the PS Vita via remote play. Not as sharp and detailed as Need For Speed: Rivals, but still fast and flowing. The light and colours don’t translate quite as well on the 5 inch OLED, but the Vita still churns out a very decent and very playable version.

Resogun comes armed with 4 difficulty levels and an online co-op mode too. All of this is done alongside a cracking thumping soundtrack throughout.


A million YouTube videos can’t give this game justice. Witnessing Resogun for yourself on your LCD is the only way you can truly understand what a truly awesome day one release Housemarque have given us. You’ll feel Steven Spielberg has come to PS4 because everything you hoped for in a next gen shoot em up is here. Resogun is definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, the most spectacular space shoot ’em up adventure to appear on any format. If you don’t have a PS Plus subscription yet, sign up. If you don’t have a PlayStation 4, get one.

Say goodbye to Christmas.

Lizard Rating: 9/10