Redout is the spiritual successor to WipEout and F-Zero made by 34BigThings. It’s a futuristic racing game about going fast as hell on crazy twisted tracks, rushing through stunning low-poly landscapes and landing huge death defying jumps. The developers say that the art style goes for something they call ‘futuretro’. A sharp low-poly style blends meshes and terrains with the latest state-of-the-art shading and lighting effects provided by the Unreal Engine 4, creating beautiful and instantly recognisable aesthetics.

Redout is the first internal IP developed by the 34BigThings team. Initiated with the intention of filling the void left by the closure of Studio Liverpool and the sense of abandon Nintendo left F-Zero fans with, 34BigThings decided it was time to give AG Racing the Next Gen experience it deserves. And they’ve done a pretty stunning job. See for yourself!

Redout drops August 29 (NA), August 31 (EU).