Try to imagine a game simple in its basics, but demanding from the very first level, where everything might kill you. Even the camera and the main protagonist are against you as both of them constantly move forward. Insane, right? Now add some barbed wire, spikes, and sawblades and you’ll get Red Game Without a Great Name.

In the game you control a mechanical bird that serves as a messenger in a hostile, steampunk world. To get the letter from one cage to another, and thus completing each of the sixty levels, you will have to maneuver the bird between all the obstacles.

Features Include:

– Simple to grasp, hard to master game mechanic
– 60 levels filled with traps to overcome
– 180 gears to collect
– 3 power-ups to enhance your abilities
– Unique art style dominated by red
– One more attempt syndrome

iFun4all release Red Game Without a Great Name today on PS Vita.

Oh and keep in mind: you will die a lot!

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