If you like you’re Need for Speed then you may be pretty familar this this lot…The Need for Speed (1994) Need for Speed II (1997) Need for Speed V-Rally (1997) Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit (1998) Need for Speed V-Rally 2 (1999) Need for Speed High Stakes (1999) Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed (2000) Motor City Online (2001) Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (2002) Need for Speed Underground (2003) Need for Speed Underground 2 (2004) Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005) Need for Speed Carbon (2006) Need for Speed ProStreet (2007) Need for Speed Undercover (2008) Need for Speed SHIFT (2009) Need for Speed NITRO (2009) Need for Speed World Online (2010) Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010) SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED (2011) Need for Speed The Run (2011) Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012) Need for Speed Rivals (2013).

If you’re wanting to own the streets, Performance Upgrades play a big part in winning. Under the hood sits a set of parts just waiting to be upgraded. Here is what to expect:

Air Filter
The air filter protects the engine from breathing in dust and dirt particles. Stock filters are generally more restrictive in air flow than aftermarket. Step up to a high performance air cleaner and filter that works more efficiently and helps increase horsepower.

Cooling System
An intercooler is used to cool the air charge before it enters the throttle body. Cooler air is more dense with Oxygen molecules, giving the engine more air and fuel to make more power.

Intake Manifold
The intake manifold allows air to be equally delivered into the cylinders. An aftermarket manifold increases the amount of air being directed into the cylinders, which ultimately produces more engine power.

Fuel System
As you add more air to the engine, you need to balance it with greater amounts of fuel. Upgrading the fuel system will maximise fuel delivery to the engine providing a boost to your car’s power.

Forced Induction
Forced Inductions come in many forms. A Supercharger will be most noticeable at lower RPM’s unlike a Turbocharger which tends to provide less boost until the engine is running at higher RPM’s. In all cases though, installing or upgrading your forced induction will give your engine an excess of torque providing an easy way to get fast, and more importantly, get fast quick.

Electric System
A lighter battery can shed precious weight from the car, while good grounds and electrical connections ensure your ECU and ignition are always working properly.

As you upgrade your engine it will need more spark. A high performance ignition produces more voltage to ignite the fuel inside the cylinders, kick starting the combustion needed to get your wheels turning.

An aftermarket ECU will provide cohesion to all installed components of the engine. The brains of your vehicle; this will make sure all elements work together, increasing efficiency and maximizing output.

Engine Block
The Engine block is the foundation of an internal combustion engine. Upgrading this is a good way to increase your engine’s durability so it can handle more horsepower.

Cam Shaft
The cam shaft operates the valve in the cylinder head. Upgrading to aftermarket changes the character of your cam, mainly defined by the valve’s lift and duration, thus producing more peak power.

Cylinder Heads
Cylinder head upgrades can change the size and design of the ports which define the volume of air and fuel that flow to the combustion chamber. Better airflow is the key to allowing your engine to create additional power.

Exhaust Manifold
Performance exhaust manifolds, or headers, are the first place the exhaust has to go as it exits the combustion chamber. Upgrading your manifolds will allow for increased flow, and in turn will help produce more power.

Exhaust System
Exhaust gasses travel through your exhaust system as they exit the engine. A less restrictive exhaust can wake up the engine and provide extra flow.

The more power your engine makes, the stronger the clutch will have to be. An aftermarket clutch will allow the car to shift faster, allowing you to reach top speeds a lot quicker.

Nitrous System
The nitrous system can be upgraded to refill over time or by performing driving actions; drift, near missing, oncoming, air and slipstreaming. Nitrous is perfect for those moments when a quick injection of speed is required.

Upgrading your suspension allows you to tune your springs between varying levels of stiffness and softness.

Upgrading the differential will allow you to adjust between a locked and opened diff in the Handling Tuning section.

Installing new tires affects your tire traction which changes the characteristics of your handling.

Installing improved brakes allows you to increase or decrease brake strength and adjust brake bias between front & rear.

Installing an improved handbrake gives you full licence to tune your handbrake strength between weak and strong.

Sway Bars
Sway Bars are anti-roll bars, and by upgrading yours you’ll open up the amount of body-roll (sideways movement) on your car.

Source: Need for Speed (Website, Facebook)