Our overall verdict "silver"

Roughdawg4 takes a look at Rainbow Moon.

Rainbow Moon was a PSN Exclusive Strategy RPG that was originally released mid-2012. After a successful launch into the PS3, the game is finally being released to the PlayStation Vita December 3rd/4th. Cross-save options will be added to both games giving you the ability to play back and forth. Playing this game reminded me of playing Final Fantasy Tactics except it had better graphics and a weaker story.


The graphics of the game are beautifully drawn. I have experienced no lag in transitions from the field, dungeons, battles, etc. The enemies and the landscape are detailed extremely well. The only slight downside I would give about the game is similar type enemies look alike and are only different in color. This is a very small gripe though, and still does not take away from the amazing graphics and did not hinder my experience whatsoever. The sound in the game is good but not great. Each area has a specific song so it gets repetitive as you stay in that area. The good part though is all the songs are catchy.


Typically, I feel the story is one of the most important aspects of a RPG. Unfortunately, this is the only place Rainbow Moon falls short. There is a very limited story and background throughout the game. Personally, I am very happy with this. With a limited story, it gives you more time to explore the open world of the game and venture into dungeons while training your characters. When I am playing a strategy game, I do not need 30 minutes of backstory between fights, I want to explore and do what I want. It’s all a matter of what you prefer. If you want a story in your strategy games than this game is not for you but if you want action all the time then you have your winner.

When you start off in the game, you only have one character you can control. As you progress through the game, you will add more characters and can have up to three in a battle. Also, each battle will net you money and skill points. One of the best parts of the game, is you control how the points are spent and how your character is built. Build a tank with HP and Defense or a speed freak with Attack and Speed, any character can be built however you desire. You will also gain skills while exploring that you can put on characters to make them stronger in battle. Blacksmiths will also be found that can upgrade equipment by forging items you can find to increase your stats. A good part of your game will be customizing your characters to your preference.


Overall, this game will keep you entertained for a very long time so it is worth the price. If you go for the platinum, you can be spending around 100 hours. Although it gets time consuming, the game stays fun and enjoyable. I would give this game an 8 out of 10 and a must buy for people that enjoy strategy RPG’s.

Roughdawg4 Rating 8/10