RPG Rainbow Moon was released in 2012 on the PS3. Rainbow Moon has been nominated in the “Best Indie Game” category in this year’s official PlayStation PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards, so what better game to make its way over to the PS Vita?

SideQuest Studios, founded in 2007 along with publisher eastasiasoft have established themselves as a renowned German indie development studio.

Punkandlizard.com had the great privilege of hooking up with Marcus Pukropski from SideQuest Studios for a few questions. Over to the main man…


How big is the team working on Rainbow Moon? 

The core team that worked on Rainbow Moon when it was originally developed for the PlayStation 3 consisted of five people. However we’ve had a lot of additional work outsourced to concept designers, voice actors, beta testers, etc. In total more than 20 people have contributed to Rainbow Moon.

Now it’s mainly just me working on the PlayStation Vita port. From time to time my colleague Moritz is helping me out with some graphic adjustments and we will also have a few more people for product testing and quality assurance once the port is completed from a technical point of view. 


How long is the story? 

It very much depends on each player’s style. If you really rush through the story without completing any optional content, it’s possible to complete the game within around 35 hours. However the majority of gamers that we talked to have spent at least 50 hours to beat the main game. 


Is there anything unique that this RPG story wise, battle mechanics, etc. that will differentiate from the other RPG’s available? 

Rainbow Moon’s strong point is the focus on gameplay rather than storytelling. Furthermore an interesting mixture of RPG and strategy RPG makes the game unique. In Rainbow Moon you can find a big world that is waiting to be explored. The battle system is grid and turn-based and emphasizes on strategy without ever becoming too slow-paced.

As I’ve mentioned before, Rainbow Moon is already available for the PS3. If you like traditional RPGs combined with a modern approach, I can recommend you to download and try out the demo from the PlayStation Store. 


Will there be side quests and optional adventures for people that like this? 

Yes absolutely, optional content has been one of our priorities. In Rainbow Moon you can complete more than 50 side quests. Additionally the game supports end game content as well as several optional dungeons that aren’t part of the main quest. If you want to squeeze the maximum out of the game, it will take you at least 100 hours of play time.


Even though this might be early to ask, if sales go well is considering DLC for the future an option?


Rainbow Moon for the PlayStation Vita is mainly just a port, we don’t have plans for additional DLCs, other than those also available for the PS3 version. However we are considering game extending DLC for the new game that we are working on at the moment. 


How long does a game like this take to make, from the idea, to the finished product? 

Rainbow Moon has been a very ambitious project. It took us a little over one and a half years when we originally developed the game for the PlayStation 3. On top of that it took another two to three months from game completion until all quality assurance processes were completed and the game launched on the store.

For the PlayStation Vita port, I estimate that it will take us around one year. Rainbow Moon is running on a custom-built engine, which is the biggest challenge to port to the Vita without making any compromises. 


Are the team working on any other games? 

Yes, we are currently also working on our new title, called Rainbow Skies. It’s an indirect sequel to Rainbow Moon and building on existing technology. In terms of content, Rainbow Skies will be a completely new game with an unconnected story, new characters, monsters and a new world. The game is still in an early development stage and due for late 2014. You can find more game details on www.rainbow-skies.com.


Which other RPG games do the developers play and which is your favourite? 

I love to play RPG games, which is also one of the reasons why I enjoy developing them so much. Games that I have played recently include Ni No Kuni, the Disgaea series, Final Fantasy XI and various NIS games.

Some of my colleagues have also played a number of Western RPGs, such as Diablo III, Skyrim and World of Warcraft. 


Are you excited about the PS4? 

Yes, no doubt a new console release is always exciting. I also love how Sony keeps supporting smaller indie developers. We don’t have anything to announce for the PS4 just yet but I’d love to work on a PS4 game at some time in the future. Hopefully the PS4 will be a great success for Sony.

Thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity for this interview.


Many thanks to Marcus for the interview and Catherine from eastasiasoft for making this possible.

Rainbow Moon will be hitting PlayStation Vita in 2013. Here is the latest footage on the Vita.