A no holds barred Q&A Punk and Lizard style with our man stateside, Roughdawg4.

Thanks to all our gamers for the questions, over to you…  


There are too many leaderboards out there, which is the best trophy leaderboard? How do PSN give permission to hand over information? Really stange how it works. From Aden Jacobs

There are many leaderboards but there are 3 main ones that are the best. I cannot say which one is better because it comes down to your own opinion. All 3 of these leaderboards remove hackers which is a plus.






Hard To The Core – Dead Space 2- u know what i’m talking about dawg. A real survival horror, it’s killing me ha ha , have you got the platty, if so you’re a complete star. From Azevdo, Portugal.


Other than this trophy, the rest of the game is not that bad. Of course this is why you are asking about the game as well. If you do not mind spending a few extra dollars, I recommend downloading some of the DLC. This will be greatly helpful on the Hardcore Run. As for when you should save the game, this is when I did my saves.

Chapter 7 before the free-fall section

Chapter 10

Chapter 13 at the start

Before you attempt this trophy you should attempt the other trophies so you are comfortable with the game. There is some skill with this trophy but most people that get this are the most patient ones because you will be replaying many sequences.


The best game rated by all reviews is Uncharted 2 Among Thieves, my opinion would be Batman Arkham City. So which game would you play again? For me thats a good test of a classic game dont you think? From A.Bianchi (miglia_7)


Wow that is a tough one because at the time I enjoyed both games greatly. If I had to make a choice though, I guess I would say Uncharted 2. I have always been a big fan of the Tomb Raider series so I like the platforming/shooting type of games.


Trophy whores evolving into trophy hackers, cheaters and hackers name and shame these gamers please. From Kacper.

I think the people that are even worse are the ones that try to hide it. Personally, there is nothing more gratifying than hearing the platinum pop on a very difficult game. I am not sure what they are trying to get out of it since there is nothing to gain.

Well most of the hackers are caught except for Hakoom who hacked Dead to Rights Retribution. He unlocked 25 and 50 badges at the same time which is impossible to do. His explanation is why would I do it which is not an explanation. I think he has other hacks as well but for whatever reason is not removed. If you go to psnprofiles.com you can search for hackers on the dirty leaderboard.


I am collecting trophies on my ps3, what do I get for a platinum, a gold, a silver and a bronze please Roughdawg4.

Bronze is worth 15 points

Silver is worth 30 points

Gold is worth 90 points

Platinum is worth 180 points

Typically ps3 games are worth around 1200 points if you get every trophy available (assuming no DLC trophies)


PS Plus is such a bargain!! But what game is best of the Febs releases cos it takes 4ever to download a game ahhhhh !?!:)) From Roksana, Polish PS Vita fan.

Highly recommend Sleeping Dogs for people in Europe. The game is still relatively new so this is a must play game. If you live in the United States like me, I believe the releases are disappointing.


Hey bro your top on some leadboards but not others, how come? Which is right and wrong???????? From Guus, Alkmaar, Netherlands


It depends if hackers are removed on certain leaderboards.

Psntrophyleaders.com removes anyone with 3 hacks on their account. Currently this is the most accurate leaderboard.

Psnprofiles.com generally removes anyone with 1 hack on their account. They are currently having issues with their software so Bieleric and Warfigher should not be on the list. They both have over 15 known hacked games.

Yourgamercards.net removes anyone with 10 or more hacks on their account. This is why you will see Duck360 on this leaderboard but not on others since he has 6 hacked games.

All other leaderboards do not remove hackers which is why most people use the 3 above. Unfortunately, Sony has not done anything about hackers yet but at least 3 leaderboards have made a stand against hackers.


So if you have any trophy moments to share, need help on hearing that ‘ping’ that just won’t happen,  or need new ideas for your girlfriends next holiday destination, then ask Roughdawg4 here…