Yesterday we told you that 70 Times 7 are putting together the final pieces of their jigsaw PS4 game Puzzle Showdown 4K ready for its release on May 23rd. Now, in a Punk and Lizard exclusive, we can reveal the games trophy list.

There are 17 trophies to pop including a Platinum. The complete list is below.

Showdown Completion – Complete all Puzzle Showdown 4K Trophies (Platinum)
Do a Jig – Complete 1st puzzle (Bronze)
Relaxation Station – Complete a puzzle with scoring disabled (Bronze)
Showdown Boon – Complete two 30-point or higher Bonus Points in one Showdown (Silver)
Triple Jig – Complete 3rd Puzzle (Silver)
First Showdown – Compete against another player (Silver)
Triple Speed Streak – Complete 3 Speed Streak Bonuses in a row (Silver)
Accuracy Streak – Complete 5 Accuracy Bonuses in a row (Silver)
Line of Five – Complete a Line Bonus of 5 pieces or more (Gold)
Ithsmus Be Difficult – Complete an Isthmus Bonus of 15 or more pieces (Gold)
Another’s Treasure – Complete an Another’s Treasure Bonus twice in one
Showdown (Gold)
Showdown Winner – 1 Competitive Win (Gold)
Showdown Champion – 10 Competitive Wins (Gold)
Showdown Underdog – Come back from a 1,000 point deficit to win a showdown (Gold)
Puzzle Connoisseur – Complete a 510-piece Puzzle (Gold)
Puzzle Master – Complete a 510-piece Puzzle in under 2 hours (Gold)
Puzzle Champion – Complete 50 Puzzles (Gold)

One for the trophy hunters? We think so, just remember to start with the corners!