Check out this PS4 jigsaw title that’s being assembled in time for today’s release.

Puzzle Showdown 4K brings a new way to build jigsaw puzzles. Ever got to the end of a jigsaw only to find that golden last piece missing? Well fear not, it’s not going to happen here.

Puzzle Showdown 4K features a single player mode, or you can play with up to four friends in over 100 HD 4K puzzles. There’s five hours of music and a Showcase mode to listen and view all the content too. This puzzler looks set to cater for all ages groups and skill levels with 28, 60, 112, 252, or 510 pieces sets ready and waiting to be completed.

Check it out below.

70 Times 7 bring Puzzle Showdown 4K  for $9.99 / €9.99 / £7.99. We can also confirm the game has a Platinum Trophy and it’s one of PS4’s easiest too!!