Our overall verdict "bronze"

Push Me Pull You is quite possibly the weirdest game I’ve ever played in my life. It’s a 2 on 2 sports game where you and a friend share a controller, both controlling a weird wriggly body, all while trying to gain control of a ball. And wrestling. The controls are deliberately awkward, and what ensues is a pretty hilarious party game.


Sharing the controller works like this: you control one end of the body, while your partner controls the other end. You change the length of your body using the trigger buttons, but you need to make sure you coordinate with your partner otherwise you won’t be able to control the ball. You score points to win games, and this can vary from 1 to 5 based on your settings. There are 4 different game modes; Knockout, where you have to keep your ball in and try and knock theirs out. Greedy, where there are simply 3 balls instead of one. Halfcourt, where you have to take the ball out of the circle to gain possession and then bring it to the centre to score. And Sleepy Time, where you have to do your best while your partner takes a nap. Well I say there are 4 game modes, but find a hidden section in the warm up area and you can play as dogs – woof!


There are loads of nice touches in the game too. The art style is great, and if you are a trophy hunter, you’re looking at a very simple 100% here. Because the game is so clearly a local multiplayer game, you can bag all of the trophies essentially playing against no one. It’s also the game’s only real drawback in a sense. If you’re not bothered about trophies, and you don’t have any friends to play Push Me Pull You with, then it’s hard to see any reason for picking this up. But if you have friends over, and like the ping of trophies, then you should definitely wriggle your way over to the PlayStation store. With Push Me Pull You, developers House House have created a bizarre yet strangely fun experience.

Push Me Pull You enables you to invite your friends over for some wriggly body action, but maybe word it better than that when you speak to them.

Punk rating: 7.5/10


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