If you missed it on Twitter last night, Pure Pool on PS4 is getting an update. The update not only includes various improvements based on user feedback, it also includes fresh content like the brand new game mode UK 8-Ball. This is great news, especially as we loved the game so much as it was. Here’s the full list of what to expect in the update:

  • New game mode – UK Black-Ball (UK 8-Ball) added to the roster.
  • New ‘Master’ difficulty with aim aids turned off.
  • 9-Ball free table – If the player has 9-Ball as their default game type the 9-Ball rack will be set up in free-play mode rather than the current forced 8-Ball.
  • General AI improvements including:
    • Improved ball in hand placement
    • Ability to get out of snookers reduced
    • Amateur difficulty slightly toned down
    • Removed long AI wait times when ball near to a cushion
  • Challenge notification icon – This displays an icon next to the players ‘Games’ option to inform them they have received a challenge from another player.
  • Offline Player Challenge notification – System level. Invites appear in player’s notification even if they don’t have Pure Pool installed.
  • Opponent player card accessible mid-game – Allows the player to see their opponent’s player card at any time during a match.
  • Opponent able to view player’s table cam – Allows the player to see through the camera of the opponent when walking around the table.
  • Player online feed only for friends – Removed player online notifications. Only displays friends who come online.
  • Diamonds on the table rails to help players when shooting doubles.
  • Yellow aim line made more distinct to reduce confusion between the two lines.
  • Potting the black from the break now re-racks the balls.
  • Player is now asked if they want to play against a DNA opponent or wants to continue searching for another online player.
  • DNA now displayed next to the user name to clearly mark it out as an AI player.
  • Server optimization.
  • Opponents cue movement made visible in real time in online matches.
  • Bug fix for players games not timing out and the game being awarded to the absent player.

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