Since the release of Pure Chess on PlayStation 4 many people have been asking Ripstone and VooFoo Studios questions about the game via Twitter and Facebook. They really appreciate every last smidgen of feedback they get so have kindly shared some of the questions and their answers right here:

Can I use my DLC Chess sets and Environments online?

Yes, you certainly can! Certain sets are tied to specific environments in-game; you can only play with the Park Animals set in the Park environment for example – but you can totally use all DLC packs in online matches 🙂

Does Pure Chess PS4 come with live online Multiplayer?

The Multiplayer is asynchronous – meaning it’s essentially play-by-mail, which you can enjoy with up to 6 real life, online opponents simultaneously. It has to be said that the PS4 does make the whole asynchronous experience much slicker; the PS3 version pales in comparison in fact! As your opponent makes a move, you will see it almost instantly (providing you’re online, of course) followed by a waiting screen. The guys at VooFoo are currently working hard to make the asynchronous Multiplayer experience even more seamless – removing the waiting screen, so it actually feels like real time play. We’ll update you guys on that front a-sap!


How do I get around idle matches without affecting my ELO rating?

While Pure Chess certainly isn’t the sort of game that should be rushed, we totally appreciate how frustrating it can be when matches go idle. People have different skill levels and play at different speeds, but leaving a match without warning is just plain rude! You’ll be very pleased to hear that VooFoo are currently working on a solution for those pesky idle matches as we speak, particularly a way around them affecting your ELO rating. The idea is that you’ll be able to opt to auto-win a match if a player is idle for a certain length of time, which will leave your hard earned ELO rating untarnished. It would be great to hear how long you think “too long” is! 😉 We’ll let you know more details on this fix as soon as we can!

Does Pure Chess PS4 come with Stereoscopic 3D Support?

Stereoscopic 3D is supported in the PS3 version but to be honest; it’s not something we ever had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on. With this in mind the dev time was spent strengthening the 2D visuals in the PS4 version, which (you’ll hopefully agree) paid off.

Is Pure Chess PS4 cross-buy? So if I have it on PS Vita or PS3 do I get it on PS4?

Initially, when the game launched on PS3 and PS Vita – it wasn’t actually cross-buy and we’ve maintained this approach with the PS4 version. Ripstone have been big supporters of cross-buy with some of our other titles; Big Sky Infinity, Knytt Underground and Stick It To The Man – go check them out!

chess 2

Can I play Pure Chess PS4 cross-platform with other Pure Chess users on different consoles and devices?

Not at the moment, but this is definitely something we’ll be looking to implement between PlayStation Platforms (at the very least) in the future. If you already have the game on Wii U, 3DS, Android or iOS – you can play cross-platform on any of these devices, right now! We’ll update you guys with the details on the PS4 cross-platform front soon!

How much is the game in Europe?

At launch there was a minor pricing error on the European PlayStation Store, affecting the full game price. The game should actually be priced at £4.99 not £6.79, so our sincerest apologies for this. We’ve already rectified the pricing error with Sony and the correct pricing of £4.99 / €5.99.


Will I be able to play multiple games at once?

Totally! You can play in up to 6 local or offline matches simultaneously – go nuts!

Will you be releasing any more cool Chess Sets?

We’re working through oodles of ideas for new sets and location, and welcome suggestions from our fans 🙂 so watch this space!!



For more info on Pure Chess head over to Ripstone and VooFoo Studios and tell’em Punk and Lizard sent you. Special thanks to Ripstone for the feature.