Welcome to Punk and Lizard’s Christmas Blowout! It’s been our first year running this site and it’s been a truly awesome experience. We’re not journalists as such, never have been and never will be, we’re just two gamers who love playing and writing about games. It’s been a crazy and amazing ride for us. Even though we’re still learning and still the news kids on the block, developers and folks in the gaming industry have made this ride such an easy one for us and we hugely thank them all for it.

We wanted to think of a way to thank our loyal twitter P&L army. You guys have become our friends and we couldn’t be more grateful for you checking out our site. We decided the best way was free games. So here it is…Punk and Lizard’s Christmas Blowout! We have multiple codes for the following games, and of course the codes are going to be hidden sporadically in our reviews, P&L style. A huge thank you to the kind companies that supplied us with these codes for their awesome games. Stay tuned to our twitter (@PunkandLizard) over the next few days to bag yourself some of the following games:

BreakQuest Extra Evolution (PS Vita)





Kickbeat (PS3)





Men’s Room Mayhem (PS Vita)




Total Recoil (PS Vita)





Atomic Ninjas (PS3)





A-Men 2 (PS Vita)

A-Men 2

OMG HD Zombies (PS Vita)





Stealth Inc. (PS Vita)





DieDieDie (PS Vita)





Rayman Legends stress balls





Tearaway keyrings and badges






Sparkle(PS Vita)







What we said about…

Men’s Room Mayhem More fun than George Michael could ever have in a toilet.”

Total RecoilThere are more explosions here than at a KISS show.”

Atomic NinjasThe first time I encountered Noob Rage it was a hilarious moment, my cat genuinely got scared and bolted off.”

OMG HD ZombiesLaughing Jackal could not have fitted any more in with a shoe horn, it really is a Zombie fest.”

KickBeatYou’ll be tossing bodies about the place like Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.”

BreakQuest Extra EvolutionBreakout evolved, broke out, rocketed through a time tunnel and morphed into BreakQuest Extra Evolution.”

A Men 2The Himalayas of platforming puzzlers.”



Note: The codes were kindly given to us by the game companies. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do if a code does not work, sorry.