UPADTE: This giveaway has now ended.

Guys, you’re not gonna believe this. Santa just flew by Punk and Lizard and gave us a sackful of free codes to give to our awesome readers! There’s like 60 free games in here! We’re now just hanging out with him and the reindeer eating some mince pies. He’s got to shoot off soon though as apparently he has a busy couple of days or something. I guess that leaves us to get on with…Punk and Lizard’s Christmas Blowout!

We have multiple codes for the following games below. A huge thank you to the kind companies that supplied us with these codes for their awesome titles. Stay tuned to our twitter @PunkandLizard for the chance to bag yourself some of the following games.

Final Horizon  PS4 (4 EU codes and 4 NA codes)

MouseCraft  PS3/PS4/Vita Cross Buy (10 EU codes and 10 NA codes)

Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD PS Vita  (3 EU codes)

Flyhunter Origins PS Vita (1 EU code)

Rock Boshers DX: Director’s Cut  PS4/PS Vita  (2 EU codes)

 Aqua Kitty  PS4/PS Vita  (2 EU codes)


Crimsonland  PS4 and PS Vita  (2 EU codes and 2 NA)

King Oddball 4 PS4  (2 EU codes and 4 PS Vita)

Sparkle 2 PS4 and PS Vita  (4 EU codes and 4 NA codes)

Minutes PS Vita  (2 EU codes)

Chariot PS4  (3 EU codes)

Jet Car Stunts PS Vita  (2 EU codes and 2 NA codes)

Tennis in the face PS4  (2 NA codes)

Note: The codes were kindly given to us by the game companies. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do if a code does not work, sorry.