It’s always a really proud moment for us to have some features in the Playstation Community Magazine because it includes plenty of reviews and various interesting articles that are all written by the Playstation Community members. A big shout out to the awesome Envisager, mattsimmo, QuietlyWrong and englishgolfer for making it happen and of course all the various community members and contributors too. This edition has a brand new layout and loads of awesome stuff to read about. See below or read on on how to download to your ipad:

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For iPad users:

iPad users can download the magazine into ibooks.

1. Click on the following link in your iPad:

2. Click on download

3. Once that loads, there will be an option in the top right to ‘open in iBooks’

4. Click that and then it’ll download the pdf and you’ll be able to read it in there. (it’ll be saved in Collections>PDF’s within iBooks)


If you have any opinions on the magazine swing by here and get involved and see a full list of the awesome contributors.