It’s only hours now until the US welcomes in a new Playstation family member. For the rest of us in Europe, waiting for a true taste of PlayStation 4 gaming still seems a distant dream.

As Sony has lifted the embargo on the mighty ‘next gen’ the reviews are now pouring out. The day one release’s get a mixed reaction from the gaming elite which may or may not surprise you. One game that has had an all round resounding triumphant battle cry is Resogun. Pretty much consistent 9/10’s across the board, Resogun being one of the exclusive member’s of the PS Plus pack definitely shows Sony are willing to continue impressing with the unbelievable service PS Plus offers PlayStation gamers.

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Knack has not fared as well. Have the reviews been too harsh for Knack I wonder? IGN gave PlayStation 4’s exclusive action platformer 5.9/10. Eurogamer gave it 4/10 whilst Destructoid gave it 7/10. We spent good quality time playing this at Eurogamer and enjoyed it immensely so are eager to visit this one again.  Killzone: Shadow Fall (with its stunning visuals) fared much better, with scores from IGN giving it 8/10, Destructoid 9/10 and Eurogamer 7/10. The only blip being a 5/10 from Polygon. Guerrilla’s next gen FPS is only 2 weeks away from reaching English shores so we’ll be able to find out for ourselves, but we are so excited for this one and the remote play on the PS Vita looks hugely impressive too.


Remember, reviews are cool but don’t let a review put you off a game you’re excited for. It’s just one person’s opinion who you may have nothing in common with. It’s not until we all play these first releases that we’ll really know just how impressive and powerful the PS4 really is. It’s not until you have Need for Speed: Rivals, Contrast and all the like actually running on your slim 42 inch LCD will you truly be able to understand and marvel at the power in front of you. And if you’re not sure yet, remember the early PS3 days – the potential is there, it’s just a wait until the full power is realised and transposed into these games that will blow your mind. But looking at what we have seen? Our minds are blown already.